Nimble One

Bringing a functional robot into people-centric environment is no easy task. The elaboration of an efficient solution starts with the sketch of the fundamental shape of the robot.​

Nimble One departed from the classical shapes of bipeds and quadrupeds to design a robot tackling the issue at its root and create a shape fundamentally agile and dexterous.

To put it short, we are reinventing movement to create the first robotic assistant for homes and industries.​


Stability and Agility​

Stable by design, Aru navigates smoothly in uncertain surroundings. ​

Polymorph, Aru cruises, walks and adapts its shape to the obstacles it faces : narrow ways, stairs, doors, …​

Multipurpose, legs become arms to manipulate objects at height.​​

Patent pending.


Aru explores, maps terrain, acknowledges objects using stereo cameras and neural network algorithms​.

Aru can equip one or two manipulators to handle and transport items.

Payload developers can add custom sensors and hardware to expand Aru’s capabilities and perform physical tasks.

Learning new tasks

Aru is controlled by a mobile interface and replays learned actions while adapting to minor change in its environment.

Application developers can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to create custom autonomous missions.​

Aru’s team will provide both a simulated and real testing environment in 2022.

Robust and upgradable

Aru’s design team focuses on reliability and maintenance : Reduced number of unique parts, easy disassembly-reassembly, reliable and time proof sub-components.​

Aru’s capabilities improve and scale up with simple software upgrades.​

Where can Aru be useful?​

Aru’s innovative shape significantly extends the physical capability of mobile robots and competes with the versatility of humanoid robots, while remaining less complex and improving energy efficiency.​ ​ ​

Aru can perform physical tasks under rough conditions or beyond human capabilities (for example beyond human precision and human perception).

Or Aru can simply help when it’s needed.


Inspect facilities with specific sensors and improve awareness, perform periodic maintenance tasks, map construction or mining sites.


Perform tasks remotely when nobody is at home or let Aru assist you in day to day activities.

ARU will be available in Q3 2023

In the meantime​

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