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Nimble One is a robotics startup in Toulouse. We are hiring, check the offers on our LinkedIn page!

Our Vision

Bringing a functional robot into our complex and chaotic human world is no easy task. And the elaboration of an elegant solution starts with the sketch of the fundamental shape of the robot.
While bipeds and quadrupeds robots are probably the shapes best adapted to human made environment, making them move reliably and safely means trying to catch up with millions of years of evolution and try and reproduce the efficiency of the human brain. And when you’ve nailed locomotion, you still need to add layers of artificial intelligence.

Nimble One departed from the classical shapes to design a robot that tackles the issue at its root to create a shape fundamentally agile and dexterous and safe. To put it short, we are reinventing movement to create the first robotic assistant truly adapted to our homes and workplaces.

The Plan

Nimble One is playing the long game – not a 5-year startup flip. We are here to have an impact; to provide robots for in-home use, changing how we live; to provide robots for dangerous situations, to keep humans out of harm’s way; and, in general, to make a positive difference in the world and improve the quality of life for us all.

Assembling the team

We seeks applicants who have a reasonable portfolio of robotics projects and hands-on experience. We seek people with initiative, creativity, and the ability to learn. As a growing startup working at the forefront of robotics research, candidates for all job and internship openings are expected to : 

  • Think and Learn quickly, 
  • Communicate complex concepts clearly and succinctly, 
  • Work in a tightly coupled team environment to craft coherent solutions,
  • Work under limited supervision, 

If you are experienced in one of the following fields, send us an email !

  • Robotics Locomotion, motion control, whole body control, 
  • State estimation, sensor fusion, Kalman filter, factor graph,
  • Actuator identification, motor controller,
  • Localization and Navigation, visual SLAM, sensor fusion, 
  • Embedded electronics, custom board design, certification.

Check the offers on our LinkedIn page